~ Whole Life Insurance ~

Permanent life insurance coverage for as long as you lieve and continue to make timely premium payments.

With level premiums and the accululation of cash values, whole life insurance is a good choice for long-range goals. The guaranteed cash values can provide money later on to help with temporary needs or emergencies.

Features of whole life insurance

  • Premiums generally are level and payable for life: Since premiums are level, the younger you are when you purchase a whole life policy, the less expensive the annual premiums will be.
  • Dividends: Whole life insurance policies can earn dividends. Dividends result when our actual life insurance costs turn ou to be less than we asseumed in setting our premiums. When this happens, Insurance companies may return a portion of your life insurance premiums to you as a divident. Dividends are not guaranteed, since we don’t know our actual costs in advance.
  • Guaranteed cash values: Unlike term life insurance, which does not accululate any cash values, some of the money you pay into your whole life policy accumulates as guaranteed cash values. If you choose to surrender the policy, these guaranteed cash values would be available to you. Or, as long as the policy is in force, you may borrow against them as a policy loan at the current policy loan interest rate.

The amount of your guaranteed cash value depends on the kind of whole life policy you have, its size and how long you have had it. The growth in cash values is generally tax-deferred under current federal income tax law. Borrowed amounts reduce the death benefit and cash surrender value.

Other types of permanent policies we offer inclue Universal Life and Second to Die.